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How to Send a Flowering Plant for Valentine's Day

Sending flowering plants for Valentine's Day is a thoughtful gesture, because they retain their beauty long after typical floral arrangements have wilted. They can be just as romantic as roses, particularly if your wife or girlfriend enjoys gardening.


  1. Check the roots of the plant. Most garden centers and florists will allow you to take the plant out of the pot. Look for mushy roots or pot-bound plants, which may be unhealthy or require being potted in a larger container.
  2. Choose a flowering bulb plant like hyacinths or tulips if you want a bright, beautiful splash of color. These are generally groups of bulbs that have been forced to bloom early in a container. When the blooms have wilted, many people consider these plants to be disposable, but you can replant the bulbs for next year.
  3. Pick a plant like an azalea, African violet or tropical bromeliad for a more durable gift, but be aware that the plant might not be in bloom when you send it for Valentine's Day. Purchase a more unusual plant, such as an orchid or flowering bonsai tree, for someone who enjoys gardening.
  4. Water the plant and place it in a plastic bag to keep it moist in transit. Place it in a box and carefully fill the box with packing material to keep it safe. Mark the box with the words "Fragile" and "Live Plant" before sending it.
  5. Visit your local post office or shipping center. Explain what you are shipping and make sure you understand the regulations governing live plants. Enter the contact information on the shipping order and include the recipient's phone number so the delivery professional can call if there's a problem.
  6. Check the weather forecast to make sure your plant won't be damaged by cold during shipping. If frigid conditions will exist, arrange to insulate the plant against the cold. Do not try to ship any plants that you suspect may have a disease or insects.

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